Earth (Sailor Moon)

Earth (地球; lit. "Globe of Land") is the third planet from the sun and is the only known planet in the Solar System capable of sustaining life.

It is the primary planet that the events of Sailor Moon take place.

During the Silver Millenium, it was ruled by a royal family, which Endymion was crown prince. It is also the homeworld of Beryl. In the twilight of the Silver Millenium, Beryl, supported by Metalia, brainwashed the people of Earth to go to war with the Moon. The war wiped out both kingdoms and Queen Serenity used her power so that everyone could be reborn on Earth.

Years later, everyone was reborn on the Earth. Various evil forces have tried to either destroy or conquer the planet but it has been protected by the reborn Senshi and Princess Serenity who was reborn as the Senshi, Sailor Moon.


  • Earth is the only planet with the Sailor Senshi male equivalent: Tuxedo Mask.
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