Dummy was a Lemures that appeared in the second part of the Sailor Moon SuperS Special. It appeared as part of a ventriloquist act in the hotel Haruka and Michiru were staying at. In the act, the Dummy would claim that the jar it held contained the true feelings of everyone on Earth and discussed with the ventriloquist whether he should break it or not.

The ventriloquist later attacked Haruka while she was too weak and sick to transform, at which point it was revealed that the dummy was controlling the ventriloquist. After Sailor Neptune destroyed the jar with Deep Submerge, the dummy tried to run away, but Haruka managed to transform into Sailor Uranus and destroy the dummy with World Shaking. Once the dummy was gone, the ventriloquist and the hotel staff were released from its power and everything went back to normal.

Dead Moon Circus
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