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Possibly from "dumbbell"


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To fill Hikawa Shrine with dark power


Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation

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Women Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Killer Move


Hiroko Emori (Japanese anime)
Lisa Dalbello (DiC English dub)

Dumbull is a droid sent by Koan to take over one of the crystal points of Tokyo. She appeared in Episode 17 of Sailor Moon R. Aside from her brute strength, she has the ability to blast waves of energy from her arms.

Koan filled the fighting arena in Rei's temple (which turned out to be one of the crystal points) with negative energy prior to Grandpa's first martial arts class. Koan and Dumbull (in human form) posed as students in Grandpa's class and persuaded Grandpa to let the focus of the class be on combat. Dumbull was ordered by Koan to assault the students.

Eventually, the evil influence of negative energy in the arena had all the students becoming more violent and savage as they began fighting each other. When they tried to attack Grandpa, he defeated them all of them but Koan then ordered Dumbull to attack him. Dumbull transformed into her true form and attempted to beat down Grandpa but Rei protected him by shielding his body as she repeatedly got stomped by the droid. Dumbull then blasted Grandpa with an energy wave and he was knocked into the corner of the ring. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon and went to help Rei. With an assist from Dumbull, Koan vaulted into the air and attempted to shower down her fire on Rei and Granpa but Sailor Moon threw her scepter like a boomerang and stopped the attack. Koan then ordered Dumbull to attack and she shot a blast of her energy wave towards Sailor Moon but it was stopped by Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask and Dumbull both attempted a flying drop kick towards each other and Tuxedo Mask connected, knocking Dumbull to the ground. She managed to land on her feet but then Sailor Moon used Moon Princess Halation and killed Dumble.


  • Dumbull is among the Droids that appear in Sailor Moon: Another Story.
  • In the original Japanese Anime, she is only capable of repeating her name, even when she is in human form. However, in the DiC English dub, she is capable of speaking.
  • The DiC dub had her named Rhonda.
  • Dumbull's appearance seems to be heavily inspired by that of Japanese pro wrestler Bull Nakano, who was active at the time this episode aired. Nakano sported an outlandish appearance that included facepaint and a hairstyle almost exactly like Dumble's- long hair that was styled to point straight up.


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