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'''Droids''' (jap. ドロイド) are monsters that serve the [[Black Moon Clan]].
'''Droids''' (jap. ドロイド) are creatures that serve the [[Black Moon Clan]].

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Droids (jap. ドロイド) are creatures that serve the Black Moon Clan.


Many of them masquerade as humans for their missions. At first, the Negamoon Sisters sent them to take over crystal points. After the death of Rubeus, Esmeraude began sending them to fill weak points in the city with dark energy. The droids have a colored gem with a crecent that is visible on some part of their body. When they are killed, they leave behind their gem but it turns black.

The Negamoon Sisters' Droids

Diamond's Droids

Emerald's Droids

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