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The "Disguise Pen" is a pen that was given to Usagi by Luna, so she could disguise herself in order to complete a mission more easily. While she looks like the person she wants to be, she also apparently gains the knowledge of whoever she changes into.

This was used many times during the first arc of the manga and the reboot as well as the first season of the anime and mentioned only once in the third season of the anime by Sailor Venus when she had used it (off-screen) to become a messy look-alike of Sailor Moon to deceive Kaolinite into returning Usagi's Cosmic Heart Compact.


The is a bright bubblegum pink pen with a golden ring around its middle. On the top, it has a golden base with a golden piece that resembles a crown with small red gems around it, and a large red gem in the middle. In the manga and the reboot, it is different from the style in the anime, having a cylinder form and being slightly thinner.

Manga Transformations

A Doctor

A Stewardess

A Princess

A Groom

A Mugen Academy student

A Board Member

Gallery (manga)

Anime Transformations

A Radio Announcer

A Musician

A Doctor

A Stewardess

A Photographer

A Bride

A Princess

A Fortune Teller

A Sailor

A Kindergarten Teacher

Sailor Moon (Minako)

Gallery (anime)

Crystal Transformations

A Doctor

A Stewardess

A Princess

A Mugen Academy Student

Gallery (Crystal)


  • In the DiC English dub, the phrase to activate its abilities is Disguise Power! and the pen itself was called The Luna Pen.
  • The Sailor disguise and the Musician disguise were the only disguises that did not make their way into the DiC English dub as episodes 42 and 6 were cut.
  • In episode 52, Luna claimed that Usagi was the only one able to use the pen, but in episode 102, Minako used the pen to transform into a Sailor Moon disguise. Either this was a plothole created by the writers or Luna was only saying that to forcefully motivate Usagi into doing her job.
  • In the manga continuity, there are two known Transformational Items. Sailor Moon's, and Sailor Venus's Crescent Compact. The Crescent Compact is more than just a transformational item, but was mainly used in Codename: Sailor V and only used to disguise once in the Sailor Moon manga (Albeit, one could argue that she uses the compact twice in Sailor Moon, during the third chapter of the Exam Battle side stories).