Diana is the daughter of Luna and Artemis in the future, as well as Chibiusa's advisor.

Nomenclature and Etymology


Diana's name is a variation of her father's name, Artemis. Artemis is named after the Greek Goddess of the hunt and the moon, and its Roman equivalent is "Diana".



She appears from the future in Sailor Moon SuperS. She is the only guardian cat to wear a collar with a jingle bell around her neck. She has come to the present to not only keep an eye on Chibiusa but to gain real-life experience. Diana appears to be small, sometimes timid but at the same time brave and smart. Her being Chibiusa's Guardian, she is also very wise and is often very reasonable. Despite her parents mentioned that she doesn't know very much about the 20th century and what she shouldn't do (such as exposure to other human beings that she can speak), she is well aware of the rules of being in society.



  • Unlike the manga, she didn't appear at all in the 2nd season with Sailor Pluto.
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