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Diana is the only daughter of Artemis and Luna from the 30th century future of Earth, Crystal Tokyo. She is the guardian feline and devoted companion of the Crown Princess of Crystal Tokyo, Chibiusa.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Diana's name is a variation of her father's name, Artemis. Artemis is named after the Greek Goddess of the hunt and the moon, and its Roman equivalent is "Diana".


Diana retains most of her original manga appearance, being a small white-gray kitten with whiskers, pale pink ears on the inside, and a collar with a yellow bell on it. The only difference is that Diana's eyes are pale blue while in the original anime, they were dark red. 


Like Chibiusa, King Endymion and the four Sailor Senshi of the Inner Solar System, Diana was one of the few who had managed to withstand the Black Moon's assault and not fall unconscious like the Sailor Senshi, the king, and the queen. She stays by the king's side and is determined to do whatever she can to save their homeland.



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