Destined Partners? Makoto's Innocence
運命のパートナー? まことの純情
Unmei no paatonaa? Makoto no junjou
Airing Information
Episode: EP 147, Season 4
Air Date (JP): September 2, 1995
Written by: Ryota Yamaguchi
Directed by: Yuji Endou
Featured Monster: Shuffle Furuo
North American Dub
Air Date (US): October 23, 2000
CWi Title: No Prince Charming
Episode Guide
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"Destined Partners? Makoto's Innocence" is the 20th episode of the fourth season of the Sailor Moon anime, and the 147th episode overall. It aired in Japan on September 2, 1995. The CWi English dub title for this episode was "No Prince Charming", and it aired in North America on October 23, 2000.



Other Dub Titles

  • French: Le Bal ("The Dance")
  • German: Das Schulfest ("The School Festival")
  • Hungarian: A Bál ("The Ball")
  • Italian: Il Ballo Galeotto ("The Galeotto Ball")
  • Polish: Bal ("Ball")
  • Portuguese
    • Brazilian: A inocência de Lita ("The Innocence of Lita")
    • European: O Baile ("The Dance")
  • Spanish
    • Mexican: La Inocencia de Lita ("The Innocence of Lita")
    • European: El Baile de Patricia ("The Dance of Patricia")


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