Death Reborn Revolution



Sn reborn

Japanese: 死世界変革
Romanji: Shi Sekai Henkaku
Desu Riboun Reboryuushon
Type: Destruction/Death-based
Items Used: Silence Glaive
Upgraded Attack: Silence Glaive Surprise
First Appearance
Manga: Act 37 Infinity 11 Infinite - Judgement -
Crystal: Act 37 Infinity 11 Infinite - Judgement -

Not to be confused with the video game attack "Death Ribbon Revolution."

"Death Reborn Revolution" is a destruction/death-based attack used by Sailor Saturn via the Silence Glaive against Pharaoh 90 himself in the Infinity saga of the manga, and near the conclusion of the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal.


The precise effect of this attack is unknown. The attack lasted for six pages of the manga, during which a mass of ribbons materialize from nowhere, winding around Sailor Saturn and tearing through Pharaoh 90. As the ribbons slashed at him, Pharaoh 90 cried out that his power was being drained out of him by a massive negative aura.

At the same time, enormous amounts of destructive power erupted from the ground, destroying the ruins of Mugen Academy and reaching for the Tau Nebula hanging suspended in the sky. As this occurred after Saturn called out this attack, but before she dropped the Silence Glaive on its pointed edge, it appeared to be part of this attack.


In "Infinite - Judgement," this supremely powerful, deadly attack unleashes a series of violet ribbon-shaped projectiles made of destructive/deathly energy, and causes a bright vertical light beam to appear all around Sailor Saturn, and the surrounding area, along with a large spiral of deadly wind, and highly destructive energy rays, which expanded to where the portal to the Tau System resided over the sky. The destructive beams struck Pharaoh 90 directly, gradually draining him of all of his strength and vitality as well as forcing him to separate from the earth completely as his physical self began to deteriorate and grow even smaller. The rays also casue the entire earth to crumble and quake violently.

As Sailor Saturn charged her Silence Glaive with more destructive power, it caused seas to crumble, entire cities and buildings to collapse, and people to perish. Its extremely powerful gusts of deadly wind continue as everything begins to fade into nothingness and gradually fall into the void of oblivion.

Death Reborn Revolution - SMC S3 Act 38

Death Reborn Revolution - SMC S3 Act 38


Sailor Saturn also used this attack in different ways several times in the musicals. For example, in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars she performed it together with Eternal Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss in order to revive the Eternal Sailor Senshi killed by Sailor Galaxia.

After she awakened in Mugen Gakuen, Mistress Labyrinth, she used it to bring about "the end of the world", leaving only Eternal Sailor Moon left alive.

Video Games

It's Sailor Saturn only attack in the video game "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story". Its animation is similar to that one from the manga: She summons a mass of ribbons that are fired off to the enemy, causing damage. It consumes 2 EP and hits multiple enemies. 


  • When Sailor Saturn performed this attack, ribbons appeared around her, leading to some confusion between this and her video game attack, Death Ribbon Revolution.
    • The attack is also often confused with Death Ribbon Revolution due to both names being written almost exactly the same in katakana.
  • This attack is not Sailor Saturn's final attack that ends an entire world. For that, Saturn simply needed to swing the Silence Glaive down with the intention of bringing about the end of existence.
  • This attack is strong enough to sap Pharaoh 90 of his strength and even separate him from the earth.
  • The damage caused by this attack can be reversed Princess Serenity.
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