Death Lamia is a villain from the Dracul arc of the Sailor Moon musicals. She appears only in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ New/Transformation - The Road to Become the Super Sailor Guardians - Overture of Last Dracul.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Death Lamia's name, her flirtatious nature, and her status as a vampire are all possible references to the mythological Lamia. Death Lamia herself says that she is as old as the age of myths.


Lamia is a beautiful vampire with dark shoulder-length hair.


Death Lamia is a seductive vampire and the leader of the Death Nightmares. She is also Undead Berserk's right-hand woman, despite her being disgusted with him in villainy. She becomes defensive very easily and has a short temper.


She first appears as Professor Tomoe's assistant, the role usually filled by Kaolinite. In the beginning, she and her Death Nightmares appear in Usagi's dream, warning her that if she transforms into Super Sailor Moon, terrible things will happen to her and her friends, possibly to threaten her from interfering with her and Berserk's plans.

Later, she attempts to convince Count Dracul to assist her and Berserk in obtaining the Sailor Senshi's Star Seeds to create flawless homunculi. Dracul seems uninterested until Lamia mentions his half-human, half-vampire daughter Bloody Vampir Dracul, stating that with homunculi, she would never have to feed on blood from an actual human.

It is revealed later that the reason Lamia is helping Berserk is that he promised to make her a new, living body so that she could be free from her undead existence. She and the other Death Nightmares (except the one enthralled by Count Dracul) are defeated by the Sailor Senshi during the last battle at Dracul's manor and are not seen again.


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