The Dead Moon Circus is the main antagonist group of the Dream Arc of the manga and the fourth season of the anime. In the Cloverway English dub, they were called the Dark Moon Circus.


Queen Nehellenia

The kingpin of the circus, Nehellenia commands Zirconia from behind her mirror due to being trapped inside it, she long seeks the Golden Crystal to rule the Earth and maintain her beauty due to her childhood.

In the manga, she was an incarnation of Chaos, who invaded Elysion, cursing Mamoru and Earth, and desired the Silver Crystal.


The general commander of the circus, she issues the orders and dream mirror targets for the Amazon Trio and the Amazoness Quartet and relays messages from the queen. Zirconia is often seen yelling at her subordinates.

Amazon Trio

A trio composed of Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye and Fish Eye, they are the first sub-group of villains the Sailor Senshi face, they eventually renounce their ways in order to become humans with dreams, and Helios transports them to Elysion.

In the manga, each member were sent to attack an individual Senshi while she was unable to transform. Fish Eye attacked Ami, Tiger's Eye attacked Rei, and Hawk's Eye attacked Makoto. Each Amazon member was destroyed by their targeted Senshi after she received her Sailor Crystal.

Amazoness Quartet

A quartet of acrobatic girls filled by VesVes, CereCere, JunJun, PallaPalla that take over dream mirror hunting after the Amazon Trio, they are playful and constantly ridicule Zirconia for failing to show them a good mirror target.

Xenotime and Zeolite

Appearing only in the manga, they were sent by the Amazoness Quartet to eliminate Minako. They lured Minako to an idol competition which turned out to be a trap. In the end, Minako transformed into Super Sailor Venus and destroyed them both with Venus Love and Beauty Shock.


The circus mooks, they are really the citizens of Nehellenia's former home, turned into what they are today due to their dreams being ripped from their bodies in order to fuel their queen's beauty. They are often sent to fight the Sailor Guardians after the Trio or Quartet failed.


Dead Moon Circus
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