Japanese: ダルマー
Romanji: Darumaa

Death Busters

Species: Daimon
Master: Eudial
Death: Sailor Jupiter's Sparkling Wide Pressure
First Appearance
Anime: Wanting More Power! Mako-Chan's Lost Path
Anime Voiced By: Yuko Sasaki (Japanese)

Daruma was a Daimon created by Professor Tomoe to help Eudial extract a Pure Heart Crystal. She appeared in episode 16 of Sailor Moon S.


She was created from a Daruma Doll in Professor Tomoe's Daimon Oven. Eudial took her with her during her attempt to extract Makoto's training master's Pure Heart, and sent her to attack the Sailor Guardians when they tried to stop her. The Pure Heart was returned to him by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Daruma trapped all the Sailor Guardians, but they broke free. As Sailor Moon was about to destroy Daruma with Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Daruma knocked the Spiral Heart Moon Rod out of her hand. Sailor Jupiter, using some advice that her master gave her earlier, used a powerful Sparkling Wide Pressure attack that destroyed Daruma.


She uses eye lasers, disk like projectiles from her waist, wraps a rope of darkness around her enemies, and blocks or attacks with a giant paintbrush which can fire needles.



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