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Dark Kingdom (PGSM)

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The Dark Kingdom was an evil organization which operated on Earth through an alternate, dark dimension where its driving power, Queen Metalia, was sealed. In the past, the Dark Kingdom organized a successful revolution against the Moon Kingdom, but its victory was cut short when Princess Serenity destroyed both the Moon and the Earth. In the present, the Kingdom's goal was to awaken and control Queen Metalia so that its leader, Queen Beryl, could rule the Earth, ideally at Prince Endymion's side, and to avoid the destruction of the planet at the hands of Serenity's reincarnation.


Silver Millennium

During the Silver Millennium, Beryl came in contact with the entity known as Queen Metalia, which granter her the power to start a revolution on Earth. Earth people feared the Moon Kingdom and the power of the Silver Crystal, and Queen Beryl managed to turn them against their prince, Endymion, who had chosen to marry the Moon Princess, Serenity. Beryl's forces invaded the Moon Castle, but Endymion was killed in the siege. Princess Serenity then unleashed the power of her Silver Crystal, which destroyed the Moon and the Earth and sealed Beryl and Metalia under the planet.

Present Age

Queen Metalia

Queen Beryl before Metalia

Beryl awakened in the present, and decided to stop the fate of the previous life from being repeated. She revived Endymion's Shitennou using Metalia's power, and cast a spell so they wouldn't remember their past lives. Beryl set out to awaken Metalia so she could conquer the Earth. To do this, Dark Kingdom's Youma were sent to collect human energy and look for the Silver Crystal, the only methods to strengthen Metalia. However, the Sailor Guardians always defeated the Youma before they could steal too much energy, and the leads to the Silver Crystal always proved false.

Beryl's spell over the Shitennou began to lose its power, and while Jadeite and Nephrite obeyed her without question, Zoisite (PGSM) recovered his past memories and set out to protect his master, who had been reborn as Mamoru Chiba. Kunzite also remembered his past life, but he blamed both Beryl and Endymion for the destruction of the world and so he obeyed neither party.

Eventually, the Silver Crystal revealed itself within Usagi Tsukino's body, and this awakened Metalia. Queen Beryl then created a shadow of herself, named Mio Kuroki, and sent it to Earth to make Usagi miserable as revenge for their past lives, and to locate Mamoru and bring him to the Kingdom. The Shitennou kept looking for ways to recover the Silver Crystal for Metalia, without much success.

Mio managed to bring Mamoru to Queen Beryl, but Usagi's feelings caused Princess Sailor Moon to appear. With the power of her Silver Crystal, Princess Sailor Moon easily defeated every member of the Dark Kingdom. Endymion was able to turn Usagi back to normal, and Beryl had Nephrite kill himself to force Endymion to come into the Kingdom. Although Mamoru didn't want to serve Beryl, he agreed that the Princess Sailor Moon was a threat to the planet, and he decided to work with Beryl for his Shitennou's sake.

Meanwhile, Usagi couldn't control the Silver Crystal, and each it time it was used Metalia gained more power and awoke beyond Beryl's control, and she feared Metalia would destroy the world. The half-awakened Queen Metalia was able to summon Youma on its own. At first, they were weak, but ended up becoming almost impossible for even Princess Sailor Moon to beat. Zoisite tried to kill Usagi before either she or Metalia caused a catastrophe, but he died during his attempt. Beryl then tried to drain Metalia's power, and when this failed Endymion decided to seal Metalia within his own body.

Metalia Endymion Death (PGSM)

Sailor Moon kills Metalia Endymion

Beryl sent Jadeite to kill Endymion before Metalia awakened and destroyed the world. Mamoru also decided to provoke Kunzite into a fight so that he, alongside Metalia, would be killed. However, Kunzite intercepted Jadeite's attack and dies in Endymion's place. Endymion's emotion allowed Metalia to turn him into Metalia Endymion, who swiftly killed Mio and manifested his intent to destroy the planet.
Beryl Princess (PGSM)

Princess Sailor Moon destroys the Dark Kingdom

Metalia Endymion defeats the Sailor Guardians, and Mamoru's spirit instructs Sailor Moon to take his sword and stab his body with it. She manages to kill both Metalia and Endymion, but her resulting grief summons Princess Sailor Moon one last time. Jadeite saves the defeated, enraged Beryl from the Princess' attacks. As the Princess announces she will destroy the world, the Dark Kingdom begins to fall apart, and despite Beryl's orders for Jadeite to save himself, he decides to stay with her in Metalia's empty chamber. They both die under the Dark Kingdom's ruins moments before the planet is destroyed once more.

Special Act

Four years later, Mio's energy is able to regenerate as Queen Mio. She tries to rebuild the Dark Kingdom with her Pierrot Youma, and attempts to marry Mamoru before Usagi. However, the Sailor Guardians manage to defeat her once more.


Beryl Shitennou (PGSM)

Queen Beryl and her Shitennou


  • In the manga and anime, the Dark Kingdom is ruled by Queen Metaria, and its members seek to destroy Earth. In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Beryl is its true leader, and while the Kingdom seeks to give her control over Earth its mission is also to protect the planet from being destroyed again.

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