Dark Jewelry Star Bracelet
悪のジュエリー スター ブレスレット
Aku no Jueri Sutaa Buresuretto
Dark Mercury Braclet

Ami Mizuno ("Akumi")

Used for

Transforming into Dark Mercury

Transformation Phrase(s)

Dark Power, Make Up

First Appearance

Act 21 - What Did You Do to Ami!

The "Dark Jewelry Star Bracelet" is a dark and alternate version of the Sailor Senshi's Jewelry Star Bracelet. It was used by a brainwashed Ami Mizuno/"Akumi" to transform into Dark Mercury. She would transform by saying "Dark Power, Make Up." It was different from the other Bracelets because the heart part and the round ones were blue and in the other ones it was pink and the heart was red and the outer side was white.

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