Dark Dome Close

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Japanese: 冥空封印
Romanji: Mei Sora Fūin
Dāku Dōmu Kurōzu
Type: Space-time based
Items Used: Garnet Rod
First Appearance
Manga: Act 38 Infinity 12 Infinite - Journey
Crystal: Act 38 Infinity 12 Infinite - Journey)

"Dark Dome Close" is a very powerful Space-time based maneuver used by Sailor Pluto in the manga, Crystal, and musicals. It allowed her to close the Space-Time Door and various inter-dimensional corridors from a distance.


It only appeared once in the manga and was there used at Sailor Saturn's request to seal off the link between Earth and the Tau Nebula to prevent Pharaoh 90's return.


In "Infinite Journey," Sailor Pluto reluctantly called on the mighty powers of her guardian deity, Chronos himself, and utilized her space-based abilities to forever close any vortex to the alien world.

The Space-Time had then sucked in the last traces of Pharaoh 90 and Sailor Saturn, who allowed herself to be taken.


This attack was also used by Sailor Pluto in the Sera Myu musicals.



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