A dahlian
Japanese: ダリアン
Romanji: Darian

Xenian Flower

Species: Flower Youma
Death: Tuxedo Mask attacking Fiore with a Red Rose.
First Appearance
Anime: Sailor Moon R: The Movie

The Dahlians are monsters with snake tails instead of legs who appear from the pink flowers on Fiore's asteroid.



The Sailor Senshi attacks the evil monsters, but the more they attack, the more the Dahlians multiply. The Dahlians then gather together and fall onto the Sailor Senshi, capturing all of them except for Sailor Moon (who was pushed out of the way by Sailor Mars). Fiore then tells Sailor Moon that unless she stops killing the monsters, he will kill her friends. She agrees to stop fighting, which causes Fiore to sense the strength of her feeling and release the other Sailor Senshi.

By doing so, Fiore causes the Xenian Flower to begin to lose its grip on him, which makes the Dahlians around him disappear. The Kisenian then uses her power to take control of Fiore again, who begins to drain Sailor Moon of her energy. Just as he is about to finish her off, Mamoru attacks him with a red rose, shocking him, and causing all of the Dahlians to disappear.



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