DD Girls
Japanese: ディーディー・ガールズ
Romanji: Dii Dii Gaaruzu

Dark Kingdom

Species: Youma
Master: Queen Beryl
Objective: To kill the Sailor Guardians
Death: 2 - Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Thunder, 1 - Sailor Venus' Crescent Beam, 2 - Sailor Mars' Fire Soul
First Appearance
Anime: Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle
Musicals: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Spin-off – The Dark Kingdom Resurrection Chapter
Anime Voiced By: Naoko Nakamura, Asako Satou, Chiyoko Kawashima, Sanae Takagi and Emi Shinohara (Japanese)
Julie Lemieux, Lindsay Collins, Alice Poon (DiC English dub)
Wendee Lee and Tara Platt (Viz Media English dub)
Musical Played By: Hisako Doubayashi, Yuuko Nishi, and Mayumi Maikuma (original)
Yuriko Nishiyama, Kaori Ishikawa, and Ai Suzuki (revised edition and Super Spring Festival)

The DD Girls are five Youma who work for Queen Beryl. They are possibly her most powerful youma as they managed to kill four of the five Sailor Guardians, and are the first youma to ever kill a Sailor Guardian. Unlike most monsters who act as a team, the DD Girls are undeterred by the loss of teammates nor do they squabble among themselves for personal glory and focus purely upon their goal.



Sera Myu



The Sailor Guardians were on their way to the Dark Kingdom to fight Queen Beryl when she asks her Youma subjects which of them would like to dispose of the Sailor Senshi and earn their spot in Dark Kingdom history. The DD Girls appear and volunteered for the job.

They tried to trick Sailor Moon by disguising themselves as Tuxedo Mask and nearly succeeded in trapping her, even though the Sailor Guardians were aware it was a trick. Sailor Jupiter was going to attack them, but they used an illusion of Motoki Furuhata to cause her to hesitate and they took the opportunity to bind her in their vine limbs. They began to electrocute her, and they moved up close to her so the Sailor Guardians could not help, but Jupiter used her own thunder to channel it through herself, causing an explosion, killing two of the DD Girls, but died from her injuries.

Sailor Mercury stayed behind to hold off the surviving three youma. They disguised themselves as Ryo Urawa, but she was able to see through the illusion, using her computer and found the source of their illusions. They made a fiery explosion, which Mercury read as another illusion and prepared herself as the flames got closer and she entered the inferno. In the flames, the DD Girls tortured her, but Mercury smashed her computer against the gem on the forehead of one of the DD Girls, destroying it and removing their ability to cast illusions, but Mercury died from her injuries. They attempted to snatch Sailor Moon from beneath the ice, but Sailor Venus pushed her out of the way, getting captured instead. Sailor Moon begged for them to release her, even offering the Silver Crystal, but they rejected it, saying they'd take it after they killed her and they pulled Sailor Venus underground, where they tortured her. Sailor Venus killed one of them using Crescent Beam at point-blank range but it resulted in her death too.

The two remaining girls captured Sailor Mars in a huge pile of rubble. As Sailor Moon waited in silence if her friend survived, one of the DD Girls appeared from the ice and was about to kill her, but from the glacier, Sailor Mars unleashed Fire Soul, killing the DD Girl, and the surviving member tortured Mars, breaking the ice structure. Before the last girl could attack Sailor Moon, a weakened Sailor Mars grabbed her, and immolated herself and the youma, killing the last DD Girl, before succumbing to her injuries.

Sera Myu

The DD Girls also appeared in the musical Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, and were there played by Hisako Doubayashi, Yuuko Nishi, and Mayumi Maikuma. In its revision as well as the Sailor Moon Super Spring Festival, they were played by Yuriko Nishiyama, Kaori Ishikawa, and Ai Suzuki.

Video Games

The DD Girls also appeared in the video game Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story. In this game, the player encountered the Girls in a cave, and had to defeat all five, who then tipped the player off that they were about to face a reincarnated Queen Beryl. These encounters differed from normal random villain encounters in that, before each battle, an exclamation mark would appear above the character's head, warning them of the upcoming encounter.




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