Misuzu Takahashi
Akira Ishizawa
Mari Nishimoto
Sayuri Tsuchiyi

Years active

1992 (DALI)
1992-1998 (MANISH)

DALI was an all-girl music group that is known for singing the first version of the song Moonlight Legend, the opening for the first four seasons of the Sailor Moon anime.

The members included Misuzu Takahashi, Akira Ishizawa, Mari Nishimoto, and Sayuri Tsuchiyi.

The group was formed in spring 1992 and disbanded after its debut. Later on, the former members Misuzu Takahashi and Mari Nishimoto went on to form the duo MANISH. The group has been on hiatus since 2002 and was said to be disbanded. To this day, Moonlight Legend remains DALI's only song under the name "DALI".

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