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Japanese: シプリン
Romanji: Shipurin
Aliases: None
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Member of the Witches 5


Death Busters

Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid
First Appearance
Anime: Shadow of Destruction: the Messiah of Silence Awakens
Anime Voiced By: Yuriko Fuchizaki (Japanese)
Naomi Emmerson (CWi English dub)
Dorothy Elias-Fahn (Viz Media English dub)

Cyprine and Ptilol were the fifth member of the Witches 5 to appear in Sailor Moon S. According to the Materials Collection, the two of them were one twin, but when they fight Ptilol would split away from Cyprine.


Just like in the manga, Cyprin has blue eyes with her matching hair tied in a side bunned ponytail with a braid on the rest.


In the anime, Cyprine and Ptilol made their first and only appearance in episode 123 , and claimed to be the strongest of the Witches 5. Indeed, the Sailor Senshi had a difficult battle against them because when one witch absorbed any attack with their magic staffs, their own magical powers would increase. The Senshi only managed to destroy them by tricking the two into firing their attacks at each other.

Cyprine's strategy to capture Pure Heart Crystals was to gather all of the Mugen Academy students near the statue of the Messiah of Silence deep within the school, which would then collect their Pure Hearts. The statue shattered when Cyprine and Ptilol were destroyed

Cyprine often flirted with Professor Tomoe in the lab, which caused Kaorinite to be extremely jealous. She seemed to enjoy taunting Kaolinite in this manner. She could attack by firing blue energy blasts from her magic staff. 


Cyprine had the ability to hypnotize a large amount of people, bringing them to Mugen Academy to surrender their Pure Heart Crystals. She was also able to levitate and transport the Senshi into a pocket dimension. Using her staff, she could fire projectiles at the Senshi, as well as absorb their attack, allowing her and Ptilol to increase their power



  • Cyprine, in both the manga and the anime, was the only member of the Witches 5 who did not disguise herself as a civilian.
  • She and Mimete are the only members of the Witches 5 to actually use the Witches 5 staff.

Death Busters

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