Japanese: シプリン
Romanji: Shipurin
Residency: Mugen Academy

Member of the Witches 5


Kaolinite (boss/commander)


Death Busters

Species: Daimon
First Appearance
Crystal: Act 27 Infinity 1 Premonition, Part 2
Crystal Voiced By: Umeka Shouji (Japanese)
Johanna Luis (English)

Cyprine is one of the members of Witches 5, and thus works for the Death Busters.


She retains her appearance from the manga and original anime.


Cyprine was with the other Witches 5 when Kaorinite gathered them and ordered them to gather souls and destroy the Senshi. Cyprine, along with the other witches, overlooked Eudial's Daimon attack on the Senshi.

She was called by Kaolinite after the other four witches were destroyed. Kaolinite was aware Haruka and Michiru were spying on the academy and ordered Cyprine to make them vessels for Daimons, Kaolinite also gave Cyprine a part of the Taioron Crystal. Cyprine summoned a hailstorm that would start reaping souls for Pharaoh 90, as well as turn people berserk and attack one another. She located Haruka's apartment and attacked her, causing severe damage to the place. Haruka transformed into Sailor Uranus and was joined by Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto. She was able to attack all three until the Inner Sailor Guardians arrived. She bound the Guardians and used her powers to have the Guardians attack each other. Sailor Moon, protected by the Silver Crystal, was immune to the spell and tried to stop them, to no avail. Sailor Moon used Moon Spiral Heart Attack on Cyprine, but the witch was unharmed and Ptilol, an identical extension of Cyprine emerged. They were finally killed by Super Sailor Moon with her Rainbow Moon Heartache attack. She returns in episode 35 with the other Witches 5 along with Ptilol and is destroyed for good by Sailor Neptune with her Submarine Reflection.


Cyprine, like the other Witches 5, is capable of flying in the air. She can also move at a quick speed. She is the strongest of the Witches 5, able to use a strong blast, Ribbon Buster, and take on the three Outer Senshi. She also has strong powers of mind control and is able to summon a hail storm, using it as a way to reap souls and bring victims under her control. She is also able to take on the full force of Moon Spiral Heart Attack and survive, without needing to create a barrier of some kind.




  • Cyprine may be the Witches 5 Counterpart of Sailor Moon.
  • She is Ranked at level 999 witch being the most powerful member of the Witches 5
  • Cyprine is the only one of the Witches 5 not to take on an alias as a Mugen student.

Death Busters
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