Crystal Star
Kurisutaru Sutā

Crystal Star Manga


Crystal brooch new


Sailor Moon (manga, Anime, and Crystal)

Used for

Transforming into an even stronger Sailor Moon
Healing abilities (first anime only)


Moon Crystal Power

Transformation Phrase(s)

Moon Crystal Power, Make Up

First Appearance

Act 14 - Conclusion and Commencement, Petite Étrangere (manga/Crystal)
A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up (anime)

The Crystal Star is the second magical item that Usagi Tsukino used to transform into the much stronger second evolution of her standard, regular Sailor form of Sailor Moon. It is used in the transformation Moon Crystal Power, Make Up in all versions that the brooch appeared in, and her healing power Moon Crystal Power, which appeared in the first anime series


It was created when Usagi's broken Transformation Brooch merged with the Silver Crystal in episode 51 of the anime. In the first anime, the Crystal Star was used to heal the Ayakashi sisters. It was also used to attempt to awaken Neo-Queen Serenity from her slumber, but its immensely strong healing abilities were unsuccessful.

Manga and Crystal

In Act 14 of the manga and Crystal, Queen Serenity bestowed the Crystal Star for Usagi in the Chamber of Prayer when Usagi arrived on the Moon and restored the Moon Castle after the defeat of Queen Metaria. Usagi simply had to place the Silver Crystal inside the brooch to use it. It is destroyed in the final battle against Death Phantom and is replaced by the Cosmic Heart Compact.


  • The gems on the compact represent the four Inner Sailor Senshi. The moon in the middle represents Sailor Moon. From the top clockwise, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter.
  • When the compact was sold by Bandai, It was called the "Miracle Romance Compact." The compact also came with "Shining Moon Powder."
  • The music used in this evolved transformation was also used for Moon Prism Power! in the DiC English dub and all of Sailor Moon's transformations in local syndication repeats of the CWI dubbed version.





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