Crystal Seminar
Japanese: クリスタルセミナー
Romanji: Kurisutaru Seminaa
Type: Cram School
First Appearance

The "Crystal Seminar" is a cram school that appeared in Act 2 of the manga/Crystal and episode 8 of the anime. Ami Mizuno attended this school. The school offered entrance exam prep courses for Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Private Universities, National Universities, and Medical/Dental Universities.

The school was recently built when it appeared in the series and was reportedly extremely expensive, Umino said Ami was able to attend it due to being on a scholarship. However. no one knew that the school was being used by the Dark Kingdom to steal energy with their Crystal Disk. The Disk was said to increase the student's intelligence levels, however, it actually brainwashed them. The teacher of the school, an undercover youma named Garoben, gave each of the students their Crystal Disk. After finding the brainwashing program, Luna and Usagi went to the school to investigate. Once inside, Usagi realized what the school actually was. She transformed into Sailor Moon and attempted to take the youma, but failed. Garoben then tried to attack Ami. Ami, however, was saved by Luna who gave her the Transformation Pen which allowed her to transform into Sailor Mercury and along with Sailor Moon defeated the youma.


The Crystal Seminar was located in a multi-story building, the outside had a sign with the school's name on it. Another sign outside was an advertisement for the Crystal Disk. All of the classes used computers and the room Ami was in was located on an upper floor. The room has white walls with chalkboards and tile floors with dozens of computer cubicles lined up in the room.


  • The Alto Seminar had a very similar function in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
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