Crystal Place

Crystalpalace - manga

Crystal Palace

Romanji: Kurisutaru Paresu
Planet: Earth
Country: Japan
Type: Palace
First Appearance

The "Crystal Palace" is the name of the palace in Crystal Tokyo from which Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion ruled over Earth beginning in the 30th Century. It was also the home of Small Lady Serenity, the Inner Sailor Senshi, and Sailor Pluto (as shown in the manga, Chibiusa ran down a hallway of the Crystal Palace and found her in the deepest parts of the palace, guarding the Space-Time Door).

As shown in the manga and the anime, the palace is located in Tokyo and was built in the former Juban district.

The palace is shown to be indestructible, as when the Black Moon Clan attacked Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century, the castle remained unharmed while everything around it was destroyed. Only those of the Moon Family and the Sailor Senshi are allowed to enter the palace. Those who are not allowed are kept out by a barrier as shown in the manga, Neo-Queen Serenity uses her powers to send them out of the palace, as she did with Black Lady. The palace is also the center of the Crystal Points.

No explanation was given as to its origin in the anime, but it could be seen in the last scene of the manga, in the background of Usagi and Mamoru's wedding.


  • There was a real-life crystal palace in London that inspired several structures in other countries.
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