The "Crystal Carillon" is a mystical attack item given to Super Sailor Chibi Moon by Pegasus and was used to call upon Pegasus during fights, so she could use his exceptional healing ability.


The Carillon was a very small item, smaller than the palm of the hand. It was given to Chibiusa by Pegasus mainly for the purpose of communication. All Chibiusa had to do was ring the bell to call on Pegasus.

Sailor Chibi Moon used it to perform Twinkle Yell once.


The Crystal Carillon was much bigger compared to the manga version. It was an upgrade to Sailor Chibi Moon's previous weapon. She had to use it every time before Super Sailor Moon performed her extremely strong Moon Gorgeous Mediation attack so that Pegasus could appear and lend his power to Super Sailor Moon's Moon Kaleido Scope.

In episode 157, Super Sailor Chibi Moon used the Carillon to perform an attack similar to Pink Sugar Heart Attack in her standard Sailor form but was not named.


  • A carillon is a musical instrument. It is a set of bells that are commonly found at a bell tower and they can also be operated by a keyboard, a pedal, or a manual. Carillon is also the Italian word for "music box", as well as the French word for "chime".
  • The Crystal Carillon can be seen in chapter 12 of Codename: Sailor V. In this chapter, it was Linda Evangeligeli's weapon in Aurora ♥ Wedding.
  • In the CWi English dub of the anime, it is called The Crystal Bell.]
  • In the Cloverway English dub, it was known as the Crystal Chime.
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