Crescent Boomerang
Kuressento Būmeran

Crescent Boomerang


Crescent Boomerang


Sailor Venus


Physical attack

Items Used

Minako's Compact (manga)

First Appearance

Vol.5 - The Machinations of the Dark Agency (Codename: Sailor V)
Act 7 - Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)
Act 8 - Minako, Sailor V (Crystal)

Crescent Boomerang is an attack used by Sailor Venus in many adaptations of Sailor Moon.


In the manga, she threw her compact like a boomerang at her enemy. In Codename: Sailor V, she used this attack to destroy Twin Dark. In the Sailor Moon manga, it was used against Zoisite in Act 7. It was also used in Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 1 - Beware of the Transfer Student.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

In live-action series, Sailor V performed an attack similar to this attack with her Crescent Moon Cutter, but the attack was unnamed.

Video Games

Crescent Boomerang was an attack used by Sailor Venus in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S 3DO.


In Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Venus utilizes this attack against Kunzite in the eighth episode.

Crescent Boomerang - Crystal (Act 8)

Crescent Boomerang - Crystal (Act 8)


  • The attack is similar to Sailor Moon's Moon Frisbee attack.
  • This attack was never used in the original anime.
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