Crescent Beam Shower


Crescent beam shower r

Japanese: クレッセント・ビーム・シャワー
Romanji: Kuressento Biimu Shawaa
Type: Energy-based
User(s): Sailor Venus
First Appearance
Anime: Targeted Kindergarten Kids! Venus' Great Performance

"Crescent Beam Shower" is a energy-based attack used by Sailor Venus. It is a stronger version of Crescent Beam.


Sailor Venus first used Crescent Beam Shower in episode 52 against the Cardian Gigaros, who had been commanded by Ail and An to steal energy from kindergarteners on their bus ride home. Minako had befriended Mie Sayama, a kindergarten student she had defended against bullies, and ended up riding on her school's bus (along with Usagi in disguise) when it was targeted by Gigaros.

During the battle against Gigaros, Sailor Venus found that her Crescent Beam attack had no effect on the Cardian, leaving her with no way to fight back. But the battle turned in the Sailor Senshi's favor when the Moonlight Knight appeared to give Sailor Venus encouragement, reminding her that she should believe in herself, as the kindergarten students already did. Finding her strength, Sailor Venus cast Crescent Beam Shower, weakening Gigaros enough for Sailor Moon to finish the Cardian off with Moon Princess Halation and save the children.

To perform the attack, Sailor Venus would collect energy in her right index finger and release it in the form of a beam, much like she did during Crescent Beam. When released, the beam split into multiple beams, which all shot toward her enemy.

Crescent Beam Shower

Crescent Beam Shower

Video Games

Crescent Beam Shower also appeared in a few video games, including

  • Sailor Moon R
  • Sailor Moon: Another Story.
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