Count Dracul, also called Bloody Dracul, is a character who only appeared in the musicals.

Nomenclature and Etymology

"Dracul" is the Romanian word for "devil." Count Dracul told the Sailor Senshi that his name was a reference for the vampire the humans called Dracula.



He is first introduced as an antagonist. Undead Berserk and Death Lamia ask for his help to defeat the Sailor Senshi but he secretly works to undermine them and steal the Samael Flasks and the resulting homunculus for his own so his daughter can drink their blood. He does so by freeing Chibiusa and Hotaru, and by secretly turning one of the Death Nightmares, Mamoru and Michiru into vampires and using them against the Sailor Senshi and other villains. He lives in a castle located in Shizen Park and works like a magician.

He states he is the basis for the story of Dracula, and it is later revealed he is the Biblical Abel who became a vampire after being struck down by Cain after God chose Abel's sword over his. Despite being the basis for vampire myths, traditional methods of killing a vampire—a cross, stake through the heart, garlic, and being exposed to sunlight—don't work. Humorously, the Sailor Senshi also tries milk and a mirror, which also doesn't work.

In the first musical, he is struck by Berserk's "Samael Jihad" attack when he jumps in front of Sailor Moon; it is assumed he died but in the next musical it is revealed he was merely banished to the underworld and returns at the end of the first half of the musical. He then spends much of the musical recovering in his coffin.



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