Cosmic Heart Compact

(Kozumikku· hāto· konpakuto)


Usagi Tsukino

Used for

Transforming into Sailor Moon

Transformation Phrase(s)

Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up

First Appearance

Act 26 Replay - Never Ending (manga)
The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation (anime)

The Cosmic Heart Compact was the third transformation brooch given to Usagi Tsukino in order to transform into Sailor Moon. It was given to her in episode 91 along with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. In order to transform, she shouts Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up.

The transformation item Usagi used in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon was very similar in appearance to the Cosmic Heart Compact, but it was known as the Heart Moon Brooch.

File:Sailor moon 12.gif


  • The Sailor Moon S Nakayoshi Anime Album 1 referred to this item as the "Heart Moon Compact", while the second album called the item the "Cosmic Heart Compact". The toy version released by Bandai used the latter name.
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