Communicator m



Japanese: コミュニケーター <
Romanji: Komyunikeataa
User(s): Sailor Guardians
Used For: Communication
First Appearance
Manga: Act 3 Rei - Sailor Mars
Anime: Usagi's a Model: The Flash of the Monster Camera

The "Communicators" were special devices used by the Sailor Guardians to keep in touch with each other. There were three different versions in the manga, anime and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


In the manga, the Guardians wear wristwatch-type communication devices that allow them to speak with each other. Two sets appeared throughout the series. The first set appeared in Act 3, and came directly from the Sailor V game. The second set was given to them after Chibiusa's appearance.


In the anime, the communication device is a small, flat, computer-like object that is used by the Guardians in the first season to communicate with each other. This item first appears in episode 17.

In episode 62 of the R season, the Guardians received new communicators along with their Star Power Sticks. These new communicators resembled wristwatches, and the face resembled Sailor Moon's Crystal Star. In the S season, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune also had similar communicators just to communicate with each other. Haruka's communicator is a series of golden discs and the watch itself is a blue and gold clamshell, emblazoned with the symbol of Uranus. Michiru's communicator is identical to Haruka's, but has a dark turquoise motif rather than a blue one and has the symbol of Neptune on it.


The Sailor Guardians would use these to communicate with each other. They received new communicators along with their Star Power Sticks. These new communicators resemble wristwatches. Even Mamoru had a communicator in season three.

Live Action

Main article: Teletia S

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the Guardians use regular cell phones as communication devices. These are known as "Teletia S" and first appear in Act 1. The Guardians could also use these cell phones to disguise themselves. By taking a picture of any person, the Sailor Senshi could disguise themselves to look exactly like that person. For easier use, the picture taken could be used right away or later.


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