Chuu-Chuu was a character who was an agent of the Dark Agency and only appeared in the Codename: Sailor V Manga. She was the younger sister of both Nyan-Nyan and Wan-Wan.



While in disguise Chuu-Chuu has long hair, a shirt and tie, and a doctors coat. In her true form, Chuu-Chuu has the same hair, a sleeveless top with a slit on her chest, shorts and patterned tights. She has short black gloves and a thick dark belt. Her mosquito features are her wings, which are between her back and bottom and her antennae.


After learning that Sailor V had killed her siblings, Chuu-Chuu planned to get revenge. She disguised herself as a handsome male doctor and tried to drain blood from the people of Japan using her mosquitos and blood donation bus, as well as using a contest where one could win 10,000,000 yen (about 100,000 USD). When Minako had her turn to donate blood, she tried flirting with "him" but he wasn't impressed. When she accidentally dropped her business card and attempted to give it to him, the sensor inside the card indicated that "he" was the enemy. Minako transformed into Sailor V, and Chuu-Chuu revealed her trueself. Out of anger for the mosquitos, and that "he" was a "she", Sailor V destroyed her with Diphenhydramine Combo! Venus Brand Mosquito Repellent Incense Typhoon.



Chuu-Chuu in her disguise
Chuu-Chuu in her disguise

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