Chronos Typhoon
Jikuu rangeki
Kuronosu taifuun

Chronos Typhoon

Chronos yphoonSMC



Sailor Pluto



Items Used

Garnet Rod


Garnet Ball

First Appearance

Act 34 Infinity 8 - Infinite Labyrinth 1 (manga and Crystal)

Chronos Typhoon s an air-based attack used in the manga, musicals, video games, and Crystal. In this attack, Sailor Pluto would use the Garnet Orb to send a cyclone-like rush of energy at her target.

Like Dead Scream, this attack is generally perceived to be Pluto's "talisman attack," similar to Sailor Uranus' Space Sword Blaster and Sailor Neptune's Submarine Reflection.


Sailor Pluto had first used this stronger attack to release the four Inner Sailor Guardians from the mass of goo holding them.

Video Games

Sailor Pluto creates a tornado that will travel diagonally towards the opponent, hitting high or low.


  • This attack has a more wind/air-like effect, even though the one who controls the winds is Sailor Uranus.
  • Chronos is the name of the primeval Greek god/personification (or Protogenoi) of time. He is frequently mistaken for the Titan, Cronus, who is in fact Saturn in Greek mythology.
  • In Sailor Moon Crystal, the attack sequence for Chronos Typhoon is similar to that of the first anime's version of Dead Scream.
Sailor Moon Crystal - Chronos Typhoon HD

Sailor Moon Crystal - Chronos Typhoon HD

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