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|gender = Female
|gender = Female
|blood type = O
|blood type = O
|likes = Candy and Snacks<br />Ice Cream<br />Noodles<br />Ramen<br>Fried Noodles<br>Fried Chicken<br>Seadfood<br>Little League Baseball<br />Luna-P<br />Her mother<br>Her father<br />Her sister and brothers
|likes = Candy and Snacks<br />Ice Cream<br />Noodles<br />Little League Baseball<br />Luna-P<br />Her father<br />Her sister and brothers
|dislikes = [[:w:c:shinkalion:Giant Monstrous Beings|Giant Monstrous Beings]]<br />[[:w:c:shinkalion:Bachigami|Bachigami]]<br />[[:w:c:shinkalion:Valhallan|Valhallan]]<br />[[:w:c:shinkalion:Snow Godzilla|Snow Godzilla]]
|dislikes = [[:w:c:shinkalion:Giant Monstrous Beings|Giant Monstrous Beings]]<br />[[:w:c:shinkalion:Bachigami|Bachigami]]<br />[[:w:c:shinkalion:Valhallan|Valhallan]]<br />[[:w:c:shinkalion:Snow Godzilla|Snow Godzilla]]
|name = Chibiusa Tsukino<br />Rini
|name = Chibiusa Tsukino<br />Rini

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Chibiusa Tsukino


Chibiusa Season III

Sailor Chibi Moon Season III

Japanese: ちびうさ
Romanji: Chibiusa
Aliases: Small Lady
Black Lady (temporarily)
Sailor Chibi Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Residency: Crystal Tokyo (originally) Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku; Tokyo, Japan (formerly), Ōmiya (currently)

Female Baseball Player, Crown Princess of Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Guardian


King Endymion (father)
Neo-Queen Serenity (mother)
Queen Serenity (maternal grandmother, deceased)
Ikuko Tsukino (paternal grandmother)
Kenji Tsukino (paternal grandfather)
Luna Tsukino (paternal aunt)
Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (mother)
Shingo Tsukino (father)
Diana Tsukino (younger sister)
Takeshi Tsukino (younger brother)
Minoru Tsukino (younger brother)
Young Shingo Tsukino (younger brother, movie only, briefly)
Hokuto Hayasugi (uncle)
Sakura Hayasugi (aunt)
Hayato Hayasugi (cousin)
Haruka Hayasugi (cousin)
Young Hokuto Hayasugi (cousin, movie only, briefly)


Usagi Tsukino
Shingo Tsukino
Diana Tsukino
Takeshi Tsukino
Minoru Tsukino
Hayasugi Family
Sailor Pluto
Inner Sailor Guardians of the Future
Hotaru Tomoe
Solar System Sailor Guardians


Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo, Black Moon Clan (temporally)

Birthdate: June 30
October 17, 2007 (real world, initial appearance)
Age: 7 (physically)
10 (Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION)
11 (since Episode 41)
12 (in the movie)
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O
Likes: Candy and Snacks
Ice Cream
Little League Baseball
Her father
Her sister and brothers
Dislikes: Giant Monstrous Beings
Snow Godzilla
First Appearance
Crystal: Act 14 - Conclusion and Commencement, Petite Étrangere
Depart!! Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa (spin-off second anime, as Chibiusa)
Decisive Battle!! Shinkalion vs. Genbu (spin-off second anime, as Sailor Chibi Moon)
Crystal Voiced By: Misato Fukuen (Japanese)
Sandy Fox (English)
Stephanie Morgenstern (Nelvana dub only)
Emilie Barlow (Rainmaker dub only)
"I am the Pretty Guardian Trainee who fights for Love and for Justice! I am Sailor Chibi Moon! And now in the Name of the Future Moon, I'll punish you!"
— Sailor Chibi Moon's introduction

Usagi "Chibiusa" Small Lady Serenity (ちびうさ, Chibiusa) is the Crown Princess of the 30th Century utopia Crystal Tokyo and is the civilian identity of Sailor Chibi Moon (セーラーちびムーン, Seeraa Chibi Muun).



Chibiusa retains the same appearance as she does in the original manga. She has bright pink hair was done in cone-shaped odangos that resemble rabbit ears with puffy pigtails and red eyes.

Sailor Guardian

Sailor Chibi Moon appears just the same as her human identity, but her sailor suit is colored bright pink and has red-and-white barrettes on her bright pink odango pigtails. Her gloves are white with bright pink ends and cover most of her arms

as Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Her choker became yellow with a red heart, the gem on her tiara was replaced by a yellow crescent moon, Her shoulder pads were translucent and shaped more wing-like, back waist bow was white and long, The top of her skirt was adorned with a yellow belt and duplicate heart-shaped brooch, her skirt no longer pink and became white with a yellow and pink border.


Chibiusa was born as "Usagi Small Lady Serenity", the only child of King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity and the Princess of the Silver Millennium. However, Chibiusa had stagnated in growth, being physically and mentally a child for over 900 years, something that is unusual for even the long-lived people of the Moon Kingdom. She also never showed any sign of developing powers that worried her parents who feared that she might not be able to carry the mantle of Sailor Moon.

Her lack of growth and magical abilities had led the people to believe that she is a fake princess who wasn't really the king and queen's daughter. Her father tried to make her feel better by telling her how much in common she has with her mother and by telling her how invincible Sailor Moon was. Unfortunately, this only made her feel as though she didn't matter to her mother and would never be able to compare it to her.

One day, Chibiusa wandered down a forbidden corridor and came across a strange door. After going through it, she met the Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto. Even though Neo-Queen Serenity would chide Chibiusa for visiting her, she and Pluto would become good friends.

After being pressured by a group of children, Chibiusa would steal her mother's Legendary Silver Crystal. Unfortunately, the Black Moon Clan struck then, causing a huge shockwave to erupt. When she left the Crystal Palace to see what was happening, she saw her mother frozen in crystal and was consumed with guilt for taking the only thing that could have protected her.

The Black Moon Clan's attack killed many people and rendered the Inner Sailor Guardians, Luna and Artemis, and King Endymion in comatose states. As a desperate act to save her mother and her home, Chibiusa stole a Space-Time Key from Sailor Pluto in order to seek help from Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians of the past.

Black Moon arc

Chibiusa first appears in Conclusion and Commencement - Petite Etrangere -. She falls from the sky through a time portal and lands on top of Usagi's head and kisses Mamoru in the process. She introduces herself as "Usagi Tsukino" and asks Usagi why she has the same hairstyle and the same name as her. Realizing that she's found the person she's looking for, Chibiusa pulls out a gun and threatens Usagi to give her the Silver Crystal quickly.

She later uses the mysterious magic of Luna-P to bewitch Usagi's Earth family in accepting her as their relative. She is seen carrying a silver key and another Silver Crystal around her neck.

In Act 16, when Sailor Moon attempts to interrogate Chibiusa she runs away, scared. She ends up at a park. At this point, it's begun raining so Chibiusa shelters under the slide. She is found by Mamoru later, who brings her back to his apartment. When she wakes up, she shows him Luna P and explains that "Small Lady" is her nickname. When asked about the Time Key, Chibiusa says that she needs the key so she can go home. She then asked Mamoru if Sailor Moon was indeed strong as they said she was.

In the seventeenth episode, she had followed Usagi to the arcade where she easily beat the enemy on the Sailor V video game in seconds. When she saw Usagi's parents together, she recalled how her own mother and father loved one another very much and seemed to have forgotten all about her as well. Hurt and lonely, she had run off to the park where it started to rain. She uses Luna P to manifest an umbrella.

In Act 18, Chibiusa is playing with her new friend, Momoko Momohara, when Usagi and the others return from the battle. Upon seeing the Black Moon earring Mamoru was holding, Chibiusa became overwhelmingly panicked by its presence. Later on, she had stolen Usagi's Crystal Star brooch and attempted to return home to the future. After the battle between Sailor Venus and Calaveras, she begged that Sailor Moon help her save the thirtieth century as soon as possible.

At the beginning of Act 19, Chibiusa, who has just revealed she's from the thirtieth century, asks Mamoru if she can stay with him for the night. Mamoru takes her and Usagi back to his apartment where Chibiusa falls asleep. The next morning, she uses her Space-Time Key to take Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Mask to Crystal Tokyo. They meet Sailor Pluto, who is about to attack them for breaking the first taboo but Chibiusa intervenes, explaining that she brought them with her to save her homeland. She then reveals that she's the future Princess of the Silver Millennium. Sailor Pluto grants the group access to the thirtieth century. When they arrive in Crystal Tokyo, they are immediately attacked by Esmeraude and the Boule Brothers. After defeating them, Chibiusa takes them to the Crystal Palace, where they encounter Diana and her own father, King Endymion.

In Act 20, Chibiusa is revealed to be the future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru and is in fact 900 years old, despite her youthful and childlike appearance.

In Act 21, Chibiusa feels guilty for Sailor Moon's sudden abduction, as she had stolen the future Silver Crystal to prove to several children that she was really the Queen's daughter and was indeed capable of great strength and power. Due to her taking the Silver Crystal from its rightful place, Crystal Tokyo became defenseless and more vulnerable to the Black Moon's violent attack. Back in the present time, she decides to flee Crystal Tokyo and enter the land Space-Time by herself. While alone, she is approached by Wiseman, who persuades the young princess that he is the only one who can truly understand her. Intrigued and gradually falling under his dark power, she goes with him as a black crescent moon mark appears on her forehead - this is the catalyst to her transformation into Black Lady.

In "Showdown: Death Phantom", upon seeing the nearly lifeless form of Sailor Pluto before her very eyes, Chibiusa finally broke free of the evil energy controlling her and expelled the persona of Black Lady from her mind and body. The Silver Crystal of the future came before her and enveloped her in its pure light of positive energy, transforming her into the standard Sailor form of Sailor Chibi Moon, and she confronts Death Phantom himself for the first time.

In the final episode, she fights alongside Sailor Moon and uses her own Cutie Moon Rod to defeat Death Phantom for good. Afterward, she gives Usagi the Spiral Heart Moon Rod as a present from her mother and stays in the twentieth century to train to become an even stronger Sailor Guardian of the Future Moon.

Infinity arc

Chibiusa stays in the twentieth-century timeline to train under Sailor Moon and the Inner Sailor Guardians. By calling out Moon Prism Power, Make Up, she is able to transform by using her own mystical brooch: the Prism Heart Compact. Chibiusa attacks her enemies using the Pink Moon Rod. She introduced herself as one of the defenders of justice to her new friend Hotaru and promised to see her again.

She later came with Tuxedo Mask to see the four Inner Sailor Guardians and the three Outer Sailor Guardians fight one another, as they were being controlled by Cyprine. She pleaded with them to stop but noticed that Sailor Moon needed her; she joined hands with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, calling upon on the Holy Grail. She was astonished to see the great powers of the Grail flow into Sailor Moon and enable her to transform into an even greater evolution - Super Sailor Moon. She watched as Super Sailor Moon used her much stronger abilities to turn the others back to normal with Rainbow Moon Heartache. She then listened as Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto began to reveal the truth: when their mystical talismans had resonated back when the first Silver Millennium era was annihilated by the evil Queen Metalia. It was then that they had activated to call upon the last of the Sailor Guardians: the strongest and most feared of all, the Guardian of Silence, Sailor Saturn. She was even more shocked when they said that the Guardian of Death and Destruction was now reborn and reincarnated in none other than her dear friend Hotaru. Refusing to believe that Hotaru was truly evil, she ran to her house but had ended up awakening the evil female entity that had been gradually awakening deep within, Mistress 9. Unable to defend herself, her regular transformation was reversed as the Prism Heart Compact was grabbed from her chest, mortally wounding her. She was rescued by Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, who held her cold and motionlessness form in his arms; noticing that she was not breathing.

Chibiusa was taken to the hospital as the doctors sadly informed a worried Usagi that she close to death. Mamoru then took her lifeless form to his apartment, where he linked his own vital life energy with hers to keep her body alive. As time passed, she gradually began to grow slightly warmer as her spirit was being defended by Hotaru's consciousness. She was fully revived when her spirit and Silver Crystal were returned to her with Hotaru's help. She ran towards her dearest friend, not wanting her to fade away. As tears ran down her cheeks, she agreed that meeting Hotaru was destiny and that she would never ever forget her. She fell to her knees, wondering why her closest friend had to suffer such a sad fate. She pulled herself together and transformed into Sailor Chibi Moon.


Chibiusa falls from the sky through a time portal and lands on top of Usagi's head, and kisses Mamoru in the process. She introduces herself as "Usagi Tsukino" and asks Usagi why she has the same hairstyle and the same name as her. Realising that she's found the person she's looking for, Chibiusa pulls out a gun and threatens Usagi to give her the Silver Crystal quickly. Later she uses the mysterious magic of Luna-P to put a spell on Usagi's Earth family in accepting her as their relative.

Chibiusa reveals she is from the 30th Century and needs help to save her mother. She stole the Crystal Key from Sailor Pluto and travelled to the past to find Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal.

Usually the rate of aging halts after adulthood due to the power of the Silver Crystal but Chibiusa is 900 years old with the body of a little girl. Often compared to her mother, the Queen, who she looks up to very much.

Chibiusa is unable to use the Silver Crystal, has no power of her own and cannot transform.

The Black Moon Clan capture and transform Chibiusa into Black Lady.

Distraught over the death of Sailor Pluto, Black Lady's Black Crystal Earrings shatter and she is transformed back into Chibiusa. She finally finds her power therefore she can now transform into Sailor Chibi Moon.

In Sailor Moon Crystal spin-off anime, "Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION," she had a younger brothers, Takeshi Tsukino (named after Takeshi Kitano) and Minoru Tsukino, who was also a Baseball Player.

Her grandparents were Ikuko Tsukino and Kenji Tsukino, and she loved whth her little cousin Haruka Hayasugi.

Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION

In the Sailor Moon Crystal spin-off anime "Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION," Chibiusa was seen on her way to her cousin with Hayato Hayasugi. This Chibiusa was only 10 years old (instead of over 900) and she dreamed of kiss. and she took turns with her younger brothers Takeshi, Like her father, he wore glasses, and his youngest brother Minoru.

Sailor Guardian Info






  • In the opening theme of Season Three, she is shown nude alongside her best friend Hotaru.
  • She is the main focus of the second ending theme for Season 3.
  • Also Stephanie Morgenstern and Emilie Barlow shared with DiC and CWi dub Mina Aino/ Sailor Venus
  • Also going by this, she and Hayato are both in 5th grade in the Sailor Moon Crystal spin-off anime "Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION,". 5th grade consists of ages 10~11 in the real world; and may consist of ages 11.
  • Chibiusa's best subject in sport was baseball.
  • In the crystal spin-off anime "Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION,", Chibiusa was shown to have a fear of Bachigami.
  • Chibiua's like her brothers Takeshi and Minoru just like Wendy Darling and her brothers John and Michael Darling.
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