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Chibiusa Tsukino is the civilan Sailor Chibi Moon This is the first live-action depicition of the original manga character


Chibiusa was born in 30th Century Crystal Tokyo to King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity under the name "Usagi."



Chibiusa was played by Ai Miyakawa, Mao Kawasaki, Natsumi Takenaka, Tamaki Dia Shirai, Ayano Gunji, Arisu Izawa, Kasumi Takabatake, Noel Miyazaki, Aisha Yamamoto, Nanami Ohta, Mao Ohno, Mina Horita, Moe Oosaki, Kokoro Kuge, and Airi Kanda. She had four image songs, "Matamata Chibiusa Desu," "Pinky Typhoon," "Chibiusa no Kokoroiki," and "Chibiusa no Hanran."

She was portrayed by fifteen actresses in the musicals, the most of all the Solar System Senshi, due to the fact that there were often two actresses who played her in one musical.



Ai Miyakawa Chibiusa
Ai Miyakawa as Chibiusa
Mao Kawasaki as Chibiusa Tsukino
Ayano Gunji Chibiusa Tsukino
Ayano Gunji as Chibiusa Tsukino
Arisu Izawa Chibiusa
Arisu Izawa as Chibiusa
Noel Miyazaki Chibiusa (Sera Myu Dreamer)
Noel Miyazaki as Chibiusa Tsukino
Mao Ohno as Chibiusa Tsukino
Mina Horita Chibiusa
Mina Horita as Chibiusa
Moe Oosaki as Chibiusa Tsukino
Chibiusa Tsukino Sera Myu
Chibi n usa sera
Chibiusa with Usagi
Mamo n chibi sera
Chibiusa with Mamoru
Neo qs sera 1
Neo Queen Serenity with Chibiusa
Chibi sera 1
Chibi sera 2
Chibi sera 3
Chibi sera 4
Chibi sera 6
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