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Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 4 - The Secret Hammer Prince Hall
ちびうさ絵日記 - ヒミツのハンマープライス堂
Japanese: ちびうさ絵日記 - ヒミツのハンマープライス堂
Romanji: Chibi Usa Enikki - Himitsu no Hanmaa Puraisu-dou
Act: 4
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"Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 4 - The Secret Hammer Prince Hall" is the 4th of the four Chibiusa Picture Diaries, and the side story was originally published in the magazine, RunRun.





  • This is the last story in Chibiusa's Picture Diary.
  • When the story was published in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Short Stories, it was called Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Side Story - The Secret Hammer Price Hall.
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