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Chibiusa's Adventure: The Vampire Mansion of Terror
ちびうさの冒険! 恐怖、吸血鬼の館
Chibi usa no bouken! Kyoufu, kyuuketsuki no yakata
Airing Information
Episode: EP 3 (special), Season 4
Air Date (JP): April 8, 1995
Featured Monster: Lilica Hubert
North American Dub
Episode Guide
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"Chibiusa's Adventure: The Vampire Mansion of Terror" is the third Sailor Moon SuperS Special episode. In the story, Chibiusa begins to suspect that a mysterious new transfer student is actually a vampire.





  • This episode is based very closely upon the first Chibiusa's Picture Diary story.
  • The final scene of this episode returns to the setting of the first episode of the special.
  • After the Sailor Guardians used Sailor Special Garlic Attack and Sailor Mercury told Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon to finish off the monster, the left-wing on Sailor Moon's brooch was missing.
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