Chibi Chibi

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Japanese: ちびちび
Romanji: Chibichibi
Aliases: Sailor Chibi Chibi
Sailor Cosmos
Residency: Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (briefly)

Solar System Sailor Guardians, Kinmoku Sailor Guardians, Ikuko Tsukino


Moon Kingdom

Birthdate: June 30th (♋)
Age: Unknown[1][2]
Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Act 51 Stars 2

Chibi Chibi is a mysterious little girl who appears in the last arc of the manga, is the civilian identity of Sailor Chibi Chibi, and is the disguised form of Sailor Cosmos.

Nomenclature & Etymology



Chibi Chibi is a small girl. She has pink hair that is tied into two heart-shaped odango and blue eyes. She wears a white, long-sleeved shirt with a dark pink bow and a light pink heart brooch at its center, a blue skirt with a blue back bow, white socks, white shoes with pink hearts and accents, and pink heart earrings.

Sailor Guardian

Sailor Chibi Chibi's uniform consists of a white leotard with a pink chest bow and a pink heart brooch affixed to it. Her sailor collar is light blue with no stripes. She wore gold-outlined pink heart-shaped odango covers, with her tiara was gold with a pink heart, and her earrings were pink heart studs. Her choker was pink with a pink heart motif. She wore puffy sleeves with double rows of pink and yellow trims. Her gloves were white and the elbow pads were pink and yellow. Her skirt was light blue with a double trim of pink and yellow and had a pink back bow. She wore white knee-high boots with hot pink bordering and pink heart accents at the base.



Though initially appearing in the form of a small girl, Chibi Chibi is actually Sailor Cosmos from the far future. She used the disguise of a small girl, most likely because she intended to keep her identity secret in order to carry out a mission to influence her past self, Usagi Tsukino. To get close to her past self, she chose the disguise of innocence. A small girl that (in terms of physique and hair color) slightly resembles Usagi's future daughter, and knew Sailor Cosmos, having lived that time once before, knew Chibiusa had gone home and Mamoru went to study abroad leaving Usagi alone and vulnerable and more accepting of a stranger small girl from the future.

When Chibi Chibi first appears Usagi and the girls try to figure out who she is and where she came from (including speculating she could be another future daughter of Usagi's) but they fall flat. Chibi Chibi can also transform into a Sailor Guardian, Sailor Chibi Chibi.

Later in the Stars arc, Chibi Chibi finally reveals her true form by transforming into Sailor Cosmos - the ultimate form of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Guardian Info

As she comes from the infinitely endless cosmos itself, Eternal Sailor Chibi Chibi's magical powers are likely infinitely limitless and god-like. One shown ability was teleporting herself and others across vast distances in a flash of bright pink glowing light. This great power seems to take a lot out of her as she often sleeps after using this ability. Her other magical powers and attacks are unknown but seem to come from her heart-shaped mystical scepter. She was once able to block Sailor Galaxia's Galactica Super String attack, a sign that she is an extremely powerful character indeed.



  • Chibi Chibi is often mistaken to be Chibiusa's daughter, but Chibiusa clearly stated that Chibi Chibi cannot be her daughter.
    • This is proven true because in the manga, Chibi Chibi is actually Sailor Cosmos.
    • And, also revealed, was that Sailor Cosmos is instead the future form of Sailor Moon.
  • Chibi Chibi in the anime and manga were not real identities.
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  2. No official age for Chibi Chibi is stated in "The Manga of Naoko Takeuchi - Sailor Moon - Materials Collection".
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