Chibi Chibi's Mystery: The Big Noisy Chase
ChibiChibi no Nazo!? O-sawagase Daitsuiseki
Airing Information
Episode: EP 186, Season 5
Air Date (JP): September 7, 1996
Written by: Genki Yoshimura
Directed by: Masahiro Hosoda
Featured Monster: Sailor Antique
North American Dub
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"Chibi Chibi's Mystery: The Big Noisy Chase" is the 20th episode of the 5th season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 186th of the overall series. It aired in Japan on September 7, 1996.


When Chibi Chibi shows up at home with a lot of sweets and an antique doll, Usagi decides to follow her all day to know where she gets those things and, hopefully, know something else about her.


Thinking there's a land of sweets Usagi follows Chibi Chibi who can somehow cross the road without waiting for a red light without getting hurt. Chibi Chibi goes to a rich man's house as the Guardians discover after nearly being attacked by a dog. Ami and Makoto were not impressed with Usagi's theory though even with a few expensive items broken the rich man doesn't mind and gives all of them some sweets on their way out.

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: O Segredo de Chibi Chibi ("The Secret of Chibi Chibi")
  • Catalan: On són els límits? ("Where Are The Limits?")
  • Chinese: 小小的謎團!驚天動地大追蹤 (Xiǎo xiǎo de mítuán! Jīngtiāndòngdì dà zhuīzōng) ("Little Mystery! Earth-Shattering")
  • European Portuguese: A Terra do Doce! ("The Land of Sweets")
  • French: Chibi Chibi fait des mystères ! Une filature mouvementée ("Chibi Chibi is a Mystery! A Gectic Spinning")
  • German: Scherben über Scherben ("Shards over Shards")
  • Italian: Dolci a volontà ("Desserts at Will")
  • Polish: Tajemnicze wyprawy ChibiChibi ("Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Chibi Chibi")
  • Russian: Чиби-Чиби: народное преследование (Chibi-Chibi: narodnoye presledovaniye) ("Chibi Chibi: The Persecution")


Changes from the Manga

  • This episode's events never happened in the manga.



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