"Chibi-Usa's Little Rhapsody of Love" is the 32nd episode of the 4th season and the 159th episode of the Sailor Moon anime. It first aired in Japan on January 13, 1996. The CWi English dub title for this episode was "Rini's Lovely Rhapsody" and it aired in North America on November 7, 2000.


As Chibiusa becomes even more romantically infatuated with Pegasus (especially since she discovered his true identity as the handsome Helios), Usagi and her friends realize that she is in love, and are determined to discover the identity of her secret crush and sweetheart.


Chibiusa and Pegasus are in her room discussing the Golden Crystal and how it can save Elision. Chibiusa asks him what the Golden Crystal is but Pegasus tells her he can't tell her. Chibiusa promises that she'll help him like he has been doing for her since they met. Chibiusa assumes her Moon Princess form and goes flying with Pegasus. During the flight, Chibiusa asks Pegasus if he believes in destiny as she's fallen in love with him. After the flight, Pegasus assures Chibiusa that he'll tell her everything. Chibiusa tells him that she believes in him.

The next day, Usagi and Mamoru are meeting with the other Inner Senshi. Usagi reveals that she overheard the conversation Chibiusa had with Pegasus the previous night. Chibiusa told her she was talking to Momo but Usagi assumes (correctly) that she was lying. The other Inner Senshi tell her it can only mean one thing. When Usagi asks what it is, Makoto tells her it's a Sempai. Ami tells Makoto she needs to elaborate. When Usagi asks what Makoto means, Rei tells her that Chibiusa has a boyfriend, to Usagi and Mamoru's shock. Ami is skeptical as she can't see why Chibiusa would keep that a secret from them. Minako tells them that how first love goes. Makoto wonders what kind of Sempai he is. Rei tells her they don't know it's a Sempai. Minako agrees and states that that's why they need to find out who he is. Usagi and Mamoru agree as they really want to know who she fell in love with.

Back at the Dead Moon Circus, Queen Nehellenia is lamenting that while she has Helios she can't get the Golden Crystal until she finds the Golden Mirror. She calls Zirconia and tells her she needs the Golden Mirror found right away as she's tired of waiting for her and the Amazoness Quartet to find it. Later, Zirconia finds the Amazoness Quartet sleeping in. After waking them up and scolding them, Zirconia gives them their next target.

Elsewhere, Chibiusa is with Makoto and Rei. Chibiusa is sitting on a bench while Makoto and Rei are getting ice cream. When they give her hers, Chibiusa asks them why they wanted to see her. Makoto and Rei tell her they want to check up on her to which Chibiusa reminds them they saw her yesterday. Rei asks her if there's anything on her mind. Before she can eleborate, Makoto asks Chibiusa about her Sempai, to her confusion. Annoyed that her lead in was blown, Rei asks her why she assumes it's a sempai and Makoto replies it's usually the case. Now thoroughly confused, Chibiusa asks the pair what they are trying to ask. Rei asks her if she's got anything on her mind. Chibiusa answers no before stating she feels like there's nothing she can do. Rei notes it sounds serious. Makoto offers some advice and Rei agrees. Makoto states her sempai theory again leaving Chibiusa confused as she and Rei have another argument.

Chibiusa is with Ami and Minako and eating ice cream again. Minako and Ami both tell Chibiusa they are there for her. Chibiusa asks them what do they want. Minako asks Chibiusa if she meet someone new and what kind of person he's like. Chibiusa states she's unsure how to describe him. Minako thinks she might be two-timing. Ami asks Chibiusa to tell her what he looks like. Chibiusa tells them he's white as snow and has a long face (obviously referring to Pegasus). This prompts a confused Ami and Minako to have a debate that leaves Chibiusa annoyed at their cluelessness.

Chibiusa is with Mamoru at a five star restaurant. The Inner Senshi are watching convinced that Mamoru can get the truth out of Chibiusa. However, they are annoyed that they can't hear what they're saying. So while Ami orders an apple juice, Minako, Makoto, Rei, and Usagi sneak over to listen in. Chibiusa tells Mamoru she has met someone. Before Mamoru can get the truth out of her, Chibiusa notices the girls listening in, to her fury. Embarrassed, Ami orders her apple juice to go.

Afterwards, Chibiusa is by a lake, fuming. The Inner Sailor Senshi note that she's upset and don't blame her as they know they went too far this time. Suddenly, they spot a man and because he's "white as snow and has a long face" they assume he's Chibiusa's love interest. Suddenly, JunJun appears and hits him with her billiard ball. His Dream Mirror is of course not the Golden Mirror. The Sailor Senshi appear and tell her off for interfering with Chibiusa's first love, to Chibi Moon's confusion as she doesn't know what they're talking about. JunJun summons PakuPaku Dude, who tries to eat Chibi Moon. Tuxedo Mask saves her and Chibi Moon summons Pegasus. Sailor Moon defeats the Lemures with her Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

After the fight, the man has resumed feeding the fish. Mamoru and the Inner Sailor Senshi still think he's Chibiusa's love interest. Chibusa tells them they have the wrong idea which causes an argument. Chibiusa silences them and tells them her real love interest is a secret. However, she does hope she can tell them about Pegasus to avoid another embarrassing day like this one.

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: A Rapsódia de Amor de Rini ("Rini's Rhapsody of Love")
  • European Portuguese: A Pequena Rapsódia ("The Little Rhapsody")
  • European Spanish: Pequeña Melodía ("Small Melody")
  • French: La Petite Rhapsodie ("The Little Rhapsody")
  • German: Chibiusas Geheimnis ("Chibiusa's Secret")
  • Hungarian: Az új fiú ("The New Guy")
  • Latin Spanish: La Rapsodia de Amor de Rini ("Rini's Rhapsody of Love")
  • Polish: Pierwsza miłość Chibiusy ("Chibiusa's First Love")



  • Throughout the episode, there were a large amount of shots of fish. This was a visual pun, since the Japanese word used for "love" in this episode is pronounced the same way as the word for "carp" (koi).
  • This is the first episode of 1996.
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