Chapter 3 - Rei and Minako's Girls School Battle?
受験戦争編第3詰 レイと美奈子の女子高バトル
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Japanese: 受験戦争編第3詰 レイと美奈子の女子高バトル
Romanji: Juken Sensou-hen Dai 3 - Tsume Rei to Minako no Joshikou Batoru
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"Chapter 3 - Rei and Minako's Girls School Battle?" is the 3rd and final chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon short stories manga series. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Frustrated that Rei has no high school entrance exams, Minako decides to experience a day at T·A Academy for Girls, though she finds out that she is unable to fit in and accidentally ends up waking an evil spirit.


Minako is jealous that Rei Hino doesn't have to take exams at her school like the rest of the girls do. She decides that she wants to go and experience a day at T·A Academy for Girls and does so despite Rei's disagreement. Even disguised as a student, however, Minako is unable to fit in: she breaks a number of rules, is constantly chastised by the nuns, and even accidentally breaks a window with a volleyball, which then lands in a dirty well and causes her to get dirty. As a result, the students and faculty call her uncouth and rude and look down upon her. She also gets Rei in a great deal of trouble by association.

Frustrated by her lack of success at the school and the teasing, Minako yells at Rei and runs off. When Minako retrieves the volleyball from the well, she accidentally unseals the genius loci Ghost Cistern, who immediately posesses Rei. Rei goes on a rampage, and Minako transforms into Sailor Venus, saves the day by banishing the spirit with one of Rei's ofuda, and becomes the school's new hero, only to be yelled at by Rei afterward for using her Akuryo Taisan attack without permission


  • In this chapter, Rei claims to have never farted (during zazen), and apparently, Minako has.
  • T.A. Girls' Academy has an exclusiveness similar to that of Mugen Gakuen - it is mostly for upper-class girls - and the grading goes up to junior college
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