Chapter 1 - The Melancholy of Mako
じゅけん せんそう へん 1 ーまこーちゃん の 憂鬱
Japanese: じゅけん せんそう へん 1 ーまこーちゃん の 憂鬱
Romanji: Juken Sen Sou Hen 1 ̄ Mako-chan no Yuuutsu
Act: 1
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"Chapter 1 - The Melancholy of Mako" is the 1st side story from the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.





  • Makoto's fear of airplanes is explained in this chapter. The reason she is afraid is that her parents died in a plane crash, causing her to become afraid. The anime version of Makoto is shown not to have this fear, as in episode 188, she boarded a plane without fear.
  • As part of the 2015 birthday celebration week for Usagi, a special Livestream event on Niconico was held and featured the Japanese voice cast of Sailor Moon Crystal performing a read-through of this chapter, playing their respective characters.
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