Chanelas (often mistakenly called "Shaneeras"[1]) were small furry gerbils sold at the pet store Pet Shop Perfume in episode #5 of the anime. The name Chanela is derived from the legendary French perfume brand Chanel (シャネル, Shaneru).[2]

As part of his plot in reviving Queen Metalia, Jadeite ordered his youma servant Iguana to steal human energy by exploiting the human feeling of desire. In her human form, Iguana opened a pet store called Pet Shop Perfume selling furry gerbils called Chanelas. Each Chanela would emit a pleasant, yet unique perfume scent and need not be fed any food. However, as soon as a customer would look directly at the eyes of a Chanela, the customer would become entranced by the creature as they spend most of their time admiring it and thus becoming apathetic to the world they live in. Both Mika Kayama, her class mate Shingo Tsukino and at one stage, his sister Usagi Tsukino became obsessed with them. Luna who suspected something was wrong saved Usagi Tsukino from further falling under the spell of the Chanela and together, they went to investigate the suspicious pet shop only to be attacked by Iguana in her true youma form. Sailor Moon defeated the youma with her Moon Tiara Action by attacking her weak spot: the base of her tail as well as using her Moon Tiara Stardust to cure all of her customers which was used to defend her. Once Iguana died, so did the Chanela’s as they disintegrated into moon dust.[3]


A typical Chanela
A Chanela hypnotising its customer
Shingo Tsukino falling under the spell of the Chanela
After the youma, Iguana is defeated, the Chanela are shown disappearing into moon dust


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