Japanese: セレセレ
Romanji: SereSere
Residency: The Dead Moon Circus tent

Trapeze artist
Eldest of the Amazoness Quartet
Eldest of the Amazon Quartet (CWi English dub)


PallaPalla, JunJun, VesVes (sisters)


Zirconia, Queen Nehellenia


Dead Moon Circus
Dark Moon Circus (CWi English dub)

Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: Amazoness! The Nightmare From Behind the Mirror
Anime Voiced By: Yuri Amano (Japanese)
Daniela Olivieri (CWi English dub)
Cassandra Lee Morris (Viz Media English Dub)

CereCere is one of the members of the Amazoness Quartet who serve Zirconia and Queen Nehellenia.


CereCere dresses in light colors. From two big light-yellow bows in her hair, (One in the middle of her two long braids, another behind the bun.) to dark-pink cherry blossoms decorating her outfit.

CereCere has long light-pink hair, styled in two long outward braids, two braids tied up in a circle on either side of her head, and a bun right on top. She has dark red eyes and a dark purple jewel in the middle of her forehead.

She dresses in a purple bra with a pink outline, a matching bikini bottom, and a light yellow skirt, with leggings. She has pink ballet slipper-like shoes.


CereCere is the oldest of the Amazoness Quartet, the most mature, and is also very feminine. She possesses the yellow orb and has pink hair. She is the Flower Magician of the Dark Moon Circus. Her circus act is the trapeze. She tends to be arrogant and haughty and chases after people that will highlight her perceived beauty for her.

CereCere attacks by creating plants (such as man-eating plants) and shooting smaller yellow orbs from her orb. The Lemures she summons (JaraJara Jou and TogeToge Jo) have the appearance of plants as well. She can also hypnotize people, either to come to them or to fall asleep. She does this to VesVes, JunJun, and PallaPalla at one point so she could go after Zirconia's current target.

Eventually, she and the others of the Amazoness Quartet fought the Sailor Guardians and were winning until Sailor Chibi Moon summoned Pegasus and Sailor Moon attacked them with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. They eventually took Sailor Chibi Moon and tried to ride Pegasus and take the golden crystal, but were imprisoned by Zirconia inside mirrors. She returned them to the main room and drained their power. However, CereCere, along with the others, smashed her yellow orb on the ground, and they were all released from Nehelenia's power, giving up eternal childhood.

The Amazoness Quartet aided in the fight against Nehelenia by switching the golden crystal around with a pineapple and giving it to Sailor Moon. After Nehelenia was defeated and left Earth, CereCere was last seen with the others of the Amazoness Quartet in the final episode, deciding to leave quietly without making a fuss and that they might see the Sailor Senshi again someday.


Like the other members of the Quartet, CereCere owned an Amazon Stone, and hers was colored yellow. She could pull out someone's dream mirror using her Amazon Stone, and she performed three attacks with her stone: Orb Shot, Pellet Orb, and Open Orb. CereCere also performed an attack called Seeds of Misfortune.



  • She is the only member of the quartet to have two colors.

Dead Moon Circus
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