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Centi is one of the survivors of the Death Busters' invasion on Grimm. She only appeared in the Sailor Moon musicals.

Nomenclature and Etymology


Centi's name is derived from centifolia, which is a variety of rose.

The surname she used on Earth, "Hoshino," is a pun similar to that in the surnames of the Sailor Senshi. The "no" (野) literally means "field" but is pronounced the same as the word meaning "of" (の), making her name sound like it means "of the star." So, her given name means "flower child."



She was one of the only people from the planet Grimm to survive the Death Busters' attack on that planet and had fled with her family to Earth.

While she was on Earth, she had disguised herself as Hanako Hoshino, a teacher at Mugen Academy.