Japanese: カラベラス
Romanji: Karaberasu'
Aliases: Miss Calaveras
Residency: Nemesis

Member of the Ayakashi Sisters


Koan, Berthier, Petz (sisters)




Black Moon Clan

Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Act 18 - Invasion, Sailor Venus
Anime: Women Must Be Strong and Beautiful: Rei’s New Special Technique
Anime Voiced By: Akiko Hiramatsu (Japanese)
Cassandra Lee Morris (Viz Media English dub)

Calaveras is the second eldest of the Ayakashi Sisters, and a member of the Black Moon Clan.


Calaveras has light brown hair and light brown eyes. She wears her hair in a bun and with a big gold ribbon in it. Her outfit consists of a golden sleeveless top, a red sailor-like collar, gold bracelets on her wrists, a red skirt, and golden boots.

Also, like the other members of the Black Moon Clan, she wears Black Crystal earrings.



Calaveras's only appearance was in Act 18. She was sent as a medium and used her spiritual powers to hypnotize the people in believing the Black Moon Clan was going to save Earth from the Sailor Senshi, entitling this plan "Operation Rebirth".

Sailor Venus had gone to try and stop Calaveras, but Calaveras was able to use her powers to fend her off. However, Rubeus was injured by Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon, preventing him from capture Sailor Venus. Sailor Moon arrived, and destroyed Calaveras with Moon Princess Halation.


Often Rubeus would send Calaveras on missions partnered with Petz. Individually she summoned the droid Jamanen, and together she and Petz summoned the droids Avogadora and Akumuda. After Koan was healed of her evil influence, Rubeus sent Petz and Calaveras to bring them back to Nemesis. Petz, whose evil was magnified by the power of a strobe Rubeus gave her, turned on Calaveras and attacked her out of jealousy. However, when Rubeus opened a vortex with the strobe, Calaveras saved Petz from getting pulled into the hole. After the Sailor Senshi combined their power and destroyed the strobe, Sailor Moon used Moon Crystal Power on Calaveras and Petz, and from here, they were cleansed of their evil and ran the cosmetic shop with Berthier and Koan.


Calaveras' orders are to defeat Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus in order to finally abduct Chibiusa and take her to her master's sinister objectives.

Calaveras' major appearance was in act 18, conversing with her sister's spirits, saying that she will avenge them. The next scene she is on a Channeling DVD, by saying the Black Moon Clan are there to guide humans on the right path. The next day she was at a park, pretending to be channeling, but she was actually brainwashing the audience. After Sailor Venus came trying to confront her, her deceased sisters appeared and used Ayakashi Sisters Energy Attack to trap her. Sailor Moon arrived on the scene and freed Venus from Calaveras' hold and used Moon Princess Halation, which instantly killed Calaveras.

Sera Myu

For her background in the muscials, click here.


Calaveras is a medium that is able to summon the spirits of dead and communicate with them. It can Aldo Control people's minds.



  • She is the Ayakashi Sister equivalent to Sailor Venus.
  • Her concept art in the Materials Collection states that she has a high-pitched voice.
  • Despite her true etmology, on another note, "Calavera" means skull in Spanish.[1]
  • Calaveras is named for the mineral calaverite, a gold telluride.
  • Calaveras is forcibly changed back to her evil self by Apsu and is a boss fight in Sailor Moon RPG Another Story. However, she, like her sisters, seem to seem to still have control of their own minds, but their bodies are forced to fight the senshi. Also, the senshi are forced to kill them. It is unknown if she is revived in the end.
  • In the DiC English Dub of the anime, Calaveras is renamed as Avary.



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