Burning Mandala
Bāningu Mandarā

Sailor Mars




Mars Snake Fire (manga)
Mars Flame Sniper (anime)

First Appearance

Act 15 - Infiltration, Sailor Mars (manga)
Women Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Killer Move (anime)
Act 48 - Mamoru is Captured by Metalia! (PGSM)

Burning Mandala was an attack used by Sailor Mars in all versions of Sailor Moon.


It was only a one-time use by Sailor Mars in Act 14.


First performed while fighting Koan, Sailor Mars would first create a ring of fire then the rings turned into eight smaller rings of fire, which flew to the enemy.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Sailor Mars also used this attack once in the live-action series, against Metalia Endymion. In this version, eight globes encircled her and a mandala appeared behind her, but instead of multiple rings of fire, the attack took the form of a large burst of flame. Almost defeated, Sailor Mars tries one last ditch effort to defeat Metalia Endymion and stands up. She spreads her arms wide and yells "BURNING...!" as she draws her arms in front of herself and moves them in and out while drawing in several small mandala that form a circle around her body. Once the circle is completed they transform in a bright burst of light into a massive traditional Vajrayana Buddhism mandala. Sailor Mars then crouches and releases a powerful wave of fire as she finishes her attack by yelling, "...MANDALA!"


Burning Mandala appeared for this first time in Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen.

Video games

This attack appeared in several video games:

  • In Sailor Moon R for Super Famicon; it was powerful, and could easily destroy the enemies around it, however it could be only used rarely.
  • In the arcade game Sailor Moon; Sailor Mars requires four crystals to fully perform this attack, in full screen, Sailor Mars would call Mars to give her power, and suddenly release fire.
  • In Sailor Moon: Another Story; Sailor Mars created a circle of fire which resulted onto seperating into eight fire rings which attacked the enemies.


  • In the English manga (both Mixx/TokyoPop and Kodansha), the attack retains its original name. In the English dub of the anime, the attack was called by various names. The attack names were: Mars Celestial Fire Surround, Mars Fire Surround, Celestial Fire Surround, and Mega Mars Fire Rings Flash.
  • The word "Mandala" is a Buddhist term imported from China, though the religion originated from India.
  • The Mandala is used in meditation. Before a person can reach enlightenment, they must pass through the outermost circle of the Mandala, purifying fire, the fire of wisdom. At the center is a symbol of the Buddha, surrounded by the eight corners of the Earth (West, Northwest, North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, and Southwest). Together the symbols make a lotus shape. The eight symbols that appear in the fire circles, before Sailor Mars shoots them at her enemy, are Buddhist symbols which stand for the eight corners of the world.
  • A mandala is a geometric pattern that can symbolize the universe. Sailor Mars' mandala appears to be a traditional Vajrayana Buddhism mandala.


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