Japanese: ボクシー
Romanji: Bokushii

Dark Kingdom

Species: Youma
Master: Zoisite
Objective: To defeat the Sailor Guardians
Death: Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation
First Appearance
Anime: Restore Naru's Smile: Usagi's Friendship
Anime Voiced By: Hideyuki Umezu (Japanese)
David Huband (DiC English dub)
Kyle Hebert (Viz Media English dub)

Boxy is a bird-winged Youma who is one of the Seven Great Youma.

Nomenclature and Etymology

The name of the Youma is a pun on the Japanese word for priest, "bokushi" (牧師), which is pronounced similar to "Boxy," as well as is the first 2 syllables in the Japanese pronunciation of the word "boxing" (ボクシング, Bokushingu).


He has light yellow skin, red eyes and has orange wings and boxing gloves.


He was trapped inside the orange Rainbow Crystal and reborn inside a priest. In episode 22, Zoisite extracted the Rainbow Crystal from the priest and transformed him into Boxy, Champion of the Dark Kingdom. He attacked Naru Osaka, but she was saved by Umino. Boxy also attacked Sailor Moon, but once again she was saved by Tuxedo Mask. Zoisite told him to attack Tuxedo Mask, but Sailor Jupiter destroyed his glove with Supreme Thunder, and then Sailor Moon used Moon Healing Escalation to heal the priest, destroying the Shadow within him.

Unlike many of the other members of the Seven Great Youma, Boxy's attacks do not relate to his real-life persona as a priest. He does, however, retain the hairstyle of his human form.

The villain cameos in episode 50 as a monster in the virtual reality theater.



  • Boxy appears as a boss in Sailor Moon: Another Story. Some creatures that resemble Boxy appear as common enemies.
  • Boxy could be a portmanteau of boxer and the fictional boxer, Rocky Balboa.
  • Boxy is a priest that becomes a boxing-themed villain. This may be a reference to Father Karras' character from The Exorcist, who was a priest that boxed as a means of exercise and stress relief.

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