Japanese: ボンノーン
Romanji: Bon'noon



Non-aligned evil

Gender: Female
Species: Genius loci
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 2 - Ami's First Love
Anime: Ami's First Love
Anime Voiced By: Kazue Ikura (Japanese)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey (English)

Bonnon is a genius loci who appears in the manga short story and anime movie Ami's First Love.


Bonnon has two large ponytails, the same size as her body, the left being blonde and the right being purple. She has red eyes with blue eye shadow and two dots on her forehead. She has long orange sleeves connected to a red bra. Her skirt has separate panels alternating red and orange. She wears red heels with long pointed toes and pink curly earrings.

In the manga, she wears a nearly identical outfit except for her shoes, which in the manga appear to be normal pumps.


Bonnon resides in a temple elementary school which she has stood over for a century. She tries to act menacingly towards Ami but is unsuccessful due to Ami ignoring her And thinking she is Mercurius. She is mostly confused and shocked during her fight with Sailor Mercury.



Bonnon is the genius loci spirit in Volume 13, Exam Battle #2. She is awakened when she senses the intensity of Ami Mizuno's passion for studying and beating her academic rival, Mercurius. Spying Ami from the rooftop of the prep school where Ami attends, she speculates that Ami must be in love because she is thinking only of Mercurius. On her way to school one day, Ami passes out wakes up in the nurse's office. Bonnon appears and uses a love letter attack on Ami so that she will be guided by her passions. Ami imagines all of the information that she has learned and memorized leaving her brain. Bonnon introduces herself, but Ami believes that it is Mercurius trying desperately to defeat her. Bonnon argues that she is not Mercurius, but she cannot convince the delirious Ami, who transforms into Sailor Mercury and destroys Bonnon with "Mercury Aqua Mirage" before passing out again, believing that she has destroyed Mercurius.


During the special, Ami is studying for high school entrance exams, competing with a mysterious rival named Mercurius, who matches her perfect scores on every test. Ami suffers from severe insomnia as a result of working so hard. One day at her prep school, Ami falls asleep and Bonnon watches her through a window. On her way home, Ami is being watched by Bonnon who believes she is in love and plans to feed on her passion. After she follows Ami home she begins to empty her mind of all the things she's learned so far. Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru arrive to help but are unable to do much when Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury and eventually destroys Bonnon, believing her to be Mercurius.

Powers and abilities

Bonnon can throw numerous love letters that can stick to her foe's face, they can suck knowledge out of the victim.



  • Bonnon is the only genius loci to appear in the anime.
  • Bonnuu means worldly desires
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