Japanese: ボブ・フロイ
Romanji: Bobu Furoi
Planet: Earth
Country: Japan
Type: Ice Cream Shop
First Appearance
Anime: A Guardian’s Friendship: Goodbye, Ami

"Bob-Floy" is a newly opened ice cream shop that only appeared in episode 62 of the first Sailor Moon anime.


At the beginning of the episode, Chibiusa and Ami went to eat at the place after Ami offered to buy some ice cream for Chibiusa. Later that day, Rubeus discovers that Bob-Floy lies on a Crystal Point and he sent Berthier over there to fill it with Dark Power. When she got there, Berthier summoned Nipasu. Nipasu then used her snow breath to freeze the shop. The day after that day, Berthier and Nipasu disguise themselves as employees.

Artemis goes to investigate it but is captured. The Sailor Senshi try to fight but are overwhelmed until they are rescued by Sailor Mercury.

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