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DiamondTheGem wrote:
I just realized that my Sailor Moon DVD did have the 1st season of Sailor Moon in it. It was titled "Sailor Moon R" for some reason -_-
Probs a bootleg then. What does the cover look like? Is the film glitchy?
Well, the cover looks like Sailor Moon and one of her rods (either from Season 2 or Season 3) posing in the same pose as when she's using her Disguise Pen. The title is the same as the DiC dub, except no moon around it and it's the color red. It also says "collection" and it says "Chapter 1-200 end + 3 movie". There's also Luna and Artemis.

The film is barely glitchy. It's all good. The audio is just fine, and everything is all normal.

Also, the back of the DVD case has descriptions of each season and movie.

Ok. I was just asking 'cause i've never heard of Toei releasing all 200 episodes on 1 DVD. It's usually the kind of trick bootleggers pull and the cramming process can damage the film data, resulting in it being glitchy.

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