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Imaginationgirl wrote: Hello Len how are you? When does school start back for you?

It starts on the second to the last week of August for me. Also, I'm doing ok, I guess.
Are you ready to go back?
Half of me is ok with it. The other half?
Same here...

oh god my summer homework still ain't done

I also had a dream that the first day of middle school (or some weird thing of crud because the darn place looked like my grandparent's house) and I didn't finish my summer homework so I freaked out

I finished all of my summer reading last week, and that's all I had to do 0-0 

I have orientation day on 9/3, and then go back full time student on 9/9

I go back to school on August 31 or September 1, I am not sure the exact day. I'm trying to just enjoy the rest of the summer. I'm ok with most things about school, but I'm not looking forward to being stressed and not having much free time. I still have another camp that starts next Wednesday though.


most of us have school on August

File:I dont want to live on this planet anymore 20.jpg

I went back 4 weeks ago

7 more weeks to go until holidays

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